Ruler: Queen Grimhilde (Eladrin)
Primary Races: Human, Eladrin, Dwarf, Half-Elf, Halflings, Tiefling

Rather than a castle, this kingdom is centered around old mage tower that has been repurposed to serve as the Queen’s primary residence.

Social Structure
Humans and Eladrin: make up the Noble Castes; although lower caste humans serve as guards
Dwarves: primarily work in the mines, with a few serving as smiths, have a small district of Tassillo where the live; some also serve as guards
Half-Elves: Primarily serve as entertainers, a few more adventurous sign up as guards, woodsmen, or hunters
Halflings: Comfortable in the Wild Lands the small population of halflings primarily take up roles as woodsmen, hunters, or other professions in the wild lands
Tieflings: Vagrants, thieves, shysters, and shady business owners

Places of Interest

Tassillo: Largest settlement in the Kingdom. Features a former mage tower as its centre. This serves as the Queen’s primary residence. The settlement borders the edge of the wild lands. Tassillo’s prosperity comes from The Wild Lands, and rich mines.


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