The Kingdom of Alsace, ruled by King Adam Leopold, was a prosperous Kingdom of Genevieve that seldom knew conflict or war. Then the shadows fell over the world, the scourge. Fears were made real in the form of monsters known as horrors. Some horrors were simply monstrous creatures, some hid unseen in shadows until they attacked, and the worst were capable of imprinting themselves onto a person and influencing their actions. Horrors had one major weakness, they did not possess creativity making it possible to identify horrors.

The hero known as The Mountain King had educated the wizards on how to identify a horror. Alsace’s council of wizards kept it safe from the influence of horrors for a short time. There were tests, called the Name-Giver Tests, that people were subjected to prove they were neither a horror nor under the influence of one.

However, a day came when entire townships started descending into chaos. Killing each other in increasingly gruesome fashion. King Adam was at a loss for how to deal with the horror that had managed to infiltrate his kingdom. He approached The Mountain King for help.

The Mountain King came to try to determine the best course of action. He appeared fearful of what he discovered, this horror appeared to be capable of passing the Name-Giver Tests. This horror seemed to possess a creativity the others lacked. Able to influence people and travel undetected.

The Mountain King consulted with King Adam. Together, they decided that the horror could not be allowed to leave Alsace, it needed to be defeated there. Before it could spread to the rest of the world.

For the good of Genevieve King Adam and The Mountain King decided to seal the Kingdom of Alsace away from the rest of the world. To contain the horror. Using the power of his flame sword, The Mountain King constructed a Karn to not only keep the scourge out of Alsace, but to keep the horror within. King Adam knew that it would be up to his Kingdom and his Kingdom alone to face the horror.

The Kingdom had six fiefs with six Lords. The years inside the Karn were not kind to the Kingdom. Each Lord eventually turned against King Adam. Leaving King Adam to rule his castle atop the Grey Mountain, at the centre of the Kingdom. Eventually King Adam disappeared, his empty castle serving as the lone reminder of the Kingdom of Alsace.

Roughly a thousand years past since the creation of the Karn, the Lords each created their own Kingdom from their fief. The following Kingdoms exist today:

  1. The Pride Lands, great planes populated primarily by Liontaurs
  2. Corona, a string of islands on what was the coastal region
  3. Lisbon, a walled city where the Lightbearers have taken up residence, after the second Kingdom (Delmarco) fell
  4. Bergio, a small Kingdom on the edge of The Wild Lands
  5. Sumeria, a kingdom in the southern desert
  6. Acroya, a Kingdom located deep inside the Wild Lands

The light within the Karn is provided by a light that crosses the Karn sky twice a day. The legend is that it used to have one cycle of full brightness and one cycle of dim brightness. However, it currently is dim most of the time, only providing full light for about 6 hours in the middle of the first pass.

Since becoming isolated magic has become scarce. Residium is not readily available or sold. Magic item creation is almost unheard of. This has led some wizards to turn to a form of Blood Magic. To strengthen rituals, or enchantments with their own essence. Masterwork blacksmithing has become highly sought after.

The Karn’s strict isolation has caused an additional unforeseen side effect. Those who were closest to their Gods have lost their ability to commune with their Gods and it would appear that the Gods have either lost interest or influence within the Karn.

The trapped horror created more and more horrors, leaving the Kingdoms overrun. Dream and nightmare have become almost interchangeable as it has become increasingly rare that someone has a dream that isn’t a nightmare. The Wild Lands went from fairly innocuous to wild as the horrors warped the creatures within.

Our adventure starts when several ordinary individuals all have the same dream. They don’t remember the imagery, but they do remember a feeling of comfort and a voice “Come to the forest entrance in ”/wikis/bergio" class=“wiki-page-link”>Bergio"

Karn of Horrors